Sunil Manghani
Professor of Theory, Practice & Critique
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Sunil Manghani is editor of Journal of Visual Art Practice and managing editor of Theory, Culture & SocietyHe is a former Associate of Tate Exchange; member of the Academic Advisory Board of University of Southampton’s Web Science Institute, and fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, as well as representative for the Institute’s AI and Arts group. He is also a trustee of the Council for Higher Education in Art and Design, where he leads on the Research Alliance. He teaches and writes on various aspects of critical theory, visual arts and image studies.

Current Projects: Preparation of the Artwork | Painting/Knowledge | Data Image Lab | structualism.ai | Electronic Life | Pécuchet Press

Archive: Visual Art & Culture | Image Studies | Critical Theory | Experiments with Writing

Visual Art & Culture

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Image Studies

  • Manghani, S. (2020) ‘Zero Degree Image: From the Empirical Image to Image as Capacity’, in E. Alloa and C. Cappelletto (eds.) Dynamis of Images: Moving Images In a Global World. Contact Zones series, De Gruyter, pp.263-285.
  • ‘Image Theory’ in Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, edited by Michael Kelly. Oxford University Press, pp. 422-426. 
  • Image Studies: Theory and Practice, Routledge, 2013. (See also: Companion Website)
  • Images: Critical & Primary Sources, Bloomsbury, 2013.
  • ‘Images: An Imaginary Problem?’ in J. Elkins & M. Naef (ed.) What is an Image? Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011, pp. 226-228.
  • Image Critique and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Intellect Books, 2008.
  • Images: A Reader, Sage, 2006.

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Critical Theory

  • Notes on Structuralism: Introduction‘, Theory, Culture & Society, Vol. 39, No. 7–8, pp.117–131. Introduction to a special section, including the English translation of ‘On Narrative: An Interview with Roland Barthes‘, pp.159–174.
  • Review Essay: Changing the Object’, review of Diana Knight, ed., Interdisciplinary Barthes (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020), Barthes Studies, Vol. 8.
  • Neutral Life / Late Barthes’ (Special Issue), Theory, Culture & Society, 2020, Vol.37, No. 4.
  • ‘Idiorrhythmy: An (Unsustainable) Aesthetics of Ethics, in P.Crespi & S.Manghani (eds.), Rhythm and Critique: Technics, Modalities, Practices, Edinburgh University Press, 2020, pp.150-172.
  • Rhythm and Critique: Technics, Modalities, Practices, Edinburgh University Press, 2020.
  • ‘Barthes/Bataille: The Writing of Neutral Economy’, Theory, Culture & Society, 2018, Vol.35, No.4, pp.193-215.
  • The art of Paolo Cirio: exposing new myths of big data structures’, Theory, Culture & Society. 34, 7-8, 2017, pp.197-214.
  • ‘Zones of Indeterminacy: An Interview with Peng Yu’, Theory, Culture & Society, 2015, Vol. 32, No. 7–8, pp.300–309.
  • ‘Making Metapictures Political: Public Screenings of the Fall of the Berlin Wall’ in Northern Lights, Vol. 7, Issue 1, 2009, pp.113-131. 
  • ‘Public (re)visions: critical pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall’ in Film International, 2006, Vol.4, no.6, pp.16-27.

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Experiments with Writing

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